Food-Moth Ritual

Sometimes, in Southern California, one gets used to the rhythms of the bugs there, there are moths in bags of rice, or beans, or any sort of legume, or grain.

So then, the grocery errand changes.

Purchase rice, beans, rye, in bulk or in bags.
Purchase ceramic, glass, or whatever jars or containers at the dollar store.

Bring them home and put them in the freezer.
After a day or so, transfer the chilled rice into, beans, rye, into jars that seal.

This can also affect spices.


Thoughts Trying to Take Crap Picture of Moon

Hurry, hurry, that's a great shot!
Oh, it is the moon.

Now there is a cloud over the moon.

But all throughout the process, the moon and cloud remained quite lovely.


The G Doesn't Light

The store has two levels, "G" and "C". You board with your cart at "C" and press "G". Nothing seems to happen. You get it. Then, other shoppers enter too quickly, worrying they aren't controlling their medley of groceries and children. Others are miffed. You, standing next to the buttons press and hold the "door open" button, so that the man using the cart as a walker can board. Then, you press the "door close" button. Their is a pause, during which someone says, "has anyone pressed the "G" button? Then, we rise.


orange you glad I didn't say....


Something about Voting, WIP

I have many thoughts. Some of my colleagues and friends have written about voting history + among women, as have I. Still I ask, without creating an easily-sharable UML-standard flowchart: are you an informed voter?
a Yes = vote
b No = don't vote

2 do you "plunk vote"? see b. vote differently, though.

3 story problem: "everyone likes cornflakes". Do you vote for the cornflakes? if so, b.

4 your reasons for voting are: he is cute. he is funny. She is a bitch. see b.

5 I have given money to a candidate: you have done so already.


Dad word list

crisp whale whales & humming birds deck so pines bold & merry shoe 8 spine super Tom thin


The cadaly at wordpress is not me.