asked about by Stan Apps who has an oracle blog

looking for hexameter-in-translation which are (homolinguistic?)

non sequitor in hexameter

Ron Silliman's mondegreen is sort of like this

2) the person who recites the divine message, also known as a "mantis," or 3) the words the mantis speaks.

translations of the phythian utterings from the oracle at delphi (generations of prietesses called phythia -- cool name) (also -- oracle at delphia source of "blow air up your skirt?" or Marilyn Monroe?)

working on an oracle poem (admittedly, should be a delphi poem as well!)
after dragon slain by apollo
st michael
don't tread on me <<
st. mary << angela de foligno poem in da3 << ***may altar***

What is best for man?
Know thyself

able to conquer Arcadia?
they will measure out the Tegean plain in fetters

wooden wall?
wooden ships / athenian sea power

bird-watching and entrail-reading

"a glimpse of truth given by the god, even if the "answer" was misunderstood, or sometimes wrongly interpreted"

metaphorical language of the oracle; injunctional duplicity


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