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London Calling

Some Christmases

On Barcelona: Catherine Daly

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don't tell anyone about the voices & visions

a very big machine

reason for the season


bad day that could have been an important day

a slammingly beautiful day

everything in my closet and all my shoes

found in wikipedia

Blake / Stevens

an aubade

parallel rewriting




stop teasing me

gedanken / gedenken


we toss the pillows from the bed

Process Engineering

ok, the title is going to have something about Los in it

Going Negative

more new poem drafts from 1st loss book

all these words are tainted


Track & Field

The Story

secret kitty

I'm not that into you

Always, Forever, Love

Pool Rules

bland puree of terms

Kitty Wells, "I Heard the Jukebox Playing"

Who Am I?