I like to celebrate holidays.  Holy Days, hook me up with the ones that are celebrations.  Symbolic days?  One of my favorite memories is baking a cake with Bea (we just wanted cake, obviously), and spelling out "Happy September 23rd" in frosting on the top.  (note:  memory dates and details may not be accurate)  

Kmal and I were talking on the phone the other night, and we shared our Jehovah's Witness stories.  You know, the religion that predicted the rapture, oh, a few years back, but "every day is a celebration" and so no holidays are celebrated.  In word processing at a merchant bank where I worked, there was a lovely woman who was a Witness.  She would go out and randomly buy her small son a briefcase, gifts, etc.  That was cool.  We in the department were able to convince her that Asti Spumante was not alcoholic. Every day IS a celebration.  

We lived in a neighborhood adjacent to a Kingdom Hall for a while, so Saturday afternoons were spent being dragged to the door from yard work and politely accepting copies of THE WATCHTOWER.  

Kmal had two nice women wake him from a sound sleep the other week, and he was struck by their questions.  "Do you celebrate every day?" they asked.  D'oh; he was obviously sleeping away an afternoon.  "Are you patient?"  they asked.  Then they gave him some magazines.  

Oh, the clip art!  The magical blend of poor writing and fabulation!

We decided that this was actually a great gig; just knock on doors, ask "do you celebrate every day?", "are you patient?" and hand out old National Geographics, Scientific Americans, or something.  


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