bad day that could have been an important day

So I'm late for my appointment in the a.m., but we're triple-agreed on the evening plan:  beach, dinner, sleep. My doctor forgives me for being late, and after that I spend a fun afternoon giggling with a dear friend in a pool cabana in an Hollywood hotel.  I'm running a little late to get to the beach, but just as I realize I have to shower and change, my surgeon calls me.  "Bad biopsy," she says.  Ultrasound appointment tomorrow to confirm the mass.  My first thought is, "ok, beach, dinner, sleep is the correct response" to this news.

He is frustrated by traffic; he has had a bad day; plans change.   He went to his happy place, a brew pub that, having visited previously, I knew offered no adult beverages I could drink and no food.  Dinner:  somewhere the hipsters he hates live.  The Vietnamese noodle shop nearby that has some vegan dishes and will not have unacceptable fellow consumers?  No.  Even the smell of fish is nauseating to him.  I anticipate a lot of whining.  Then, a baseball game, except that, while I like to see one game a year:   home opener, box seats, or neighborhood bus extravaganza, I really don't like baseball, I've experienced some stadium parking meltdowns in the past and he was annoyed by traffic already, and there is no food at the stadium either one of us can eat.  This was a TRIPLE-AGREED BEACH ROMANTIC PLAN AND I HAD RECEIVED AWFUL NEWS.

When I showed up at the brew pub and got some water, he was on his laptop re-booking his flight and looking for an airport-adjacent hotel nowhere near the beach.  I started answering e-mails and receiving sympathetic calls from my friends, and he took away my phone.  I actually sat there drinking water while he worked on his computer for a few minutes.  He loudly asks the brewery staff if they have anything I can drink.  I had been there before!  And then he gets another pint of beer.  As my cellphone battery lay dying... I grabbed it and ran to the bathroom and called some friends.  Full of moral support, I walked back to the table and picked up my purse and keys.

Two hours later, the fight finished.


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