all these words are tainted

all these words are tainted

my infinite regard & respect
unyielding joy

words beginning with "l"
even "lachrymose"
are past their due dates
or first application

what is sweet
sweetness, what is a sweetpea
when the drop next to the heart
has gone abandoned

touch, sigh
apparently the urge is to language

I "understand"
really "get it" but I guess never really will

the way you do that thing
beautiful swimmer
I'm sorry I mouthed an "l" word,
that was habit on my part, sheer laziness, ack, I can't stop

I didn't mean "overpowering lust"
oh, yeah, I did mean that

I want to tell you I can't talk anymore, yet I must
I want to speak with you every evening, but now the conversation's stopped
I want to draw letters on your limbs with my fingers,
and you would never let me
I want my tougue to express what I can't say, couldn't, wasn't allowed to


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