MAY DAYS, an anthology edited by Genevieve Taggard, who was poetry editor of THE MASSES

Taggard is the focus of a special section of HOW2 edited by my friend Julia Lisella; I participated in that section by reviewing Taggard's early work

This anthology Taggard edited not with an eye towards "quality" but towards "representation" of the poetry in THE MASSES
-- a portrait of "the age" albeit one sided (only THE MASSES), one which democratically invites the reader to participate in by adding the reader's own verse or own selection (frommemory, from back issues):

"Although much fine poetry was published in THE MASSES-LIBERATOR, I have not tried to restrict this anthology to verse of conspicuous poetic merit. ... I have tried to preserve everything that gave the flavor of those days. Blank pages at the back of the book are provided for the reader who wishes to supplement this selection..."


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