Argh, having to cancel having people over to talk about Veteran's Day (dis-associated from death here in the US by Pres. Eisenhower, it is still in Canada and elsewhere what Memorial Day in the U.S. has become -- ) and journalism at Sundance and poetry.

Why? Just no time! And here I am distracted enough by the house hunt at work to be posting on my blog. I wanted to post my suny bflo poetics post this am here, but the archive just isn't refreshing today?!??!

I am hating the way in which the blog posts most-recent first; I could re-order this blog, but I am more interested right now in being annoyed that the "last post is first" while within the posts, they're still chronological - as - thought.

So -- following up from what I remember of that post:

why wasn't the race card played in the race? or, where is Jesse Jackson now? or, Al Sharpton -- no Jesse Jackson? Never thought I'd be missing Jesse.

Heard something insightful on pacifica this am, which was that a lot of wealthier Americans liberals, progressives, and even democrats do like to comment that they are voting against their financial interests by voting democratic, and are puzzled why lower middle class and working class Americans seem to have voted against their financial interests by voting republican. Aha!

So cultural values, like financial values also in diametric opposition, are more important than financial considerations for both groups.

The real mind-numbing thing is that cultural values for educated "elites" tend to be based on beliefs which are informed by education / argument and analysis-based pursuasion, while cultural values for "the common man" tend to be based on beliefs which are informed by emotion and rhetoric / media and faith-based pursuasion. This is a class division, it used to be a gender division (and a lot of my creative writing about emotion vs. reason is adopting a lot of different voices and positions around and based on old gender divisions on these topics) .

My earlier comment -- which will be posted here later -- ended I think I remember with me commenting about how religious, like political revivalism feels good at the time but disappears after the "tents are struck."

But -- the old ladies who needed rides to the polls or to the church meeting still need rides. They probably need rides to get their hair done and meet some other people to chat and play cards or whatever -- to what they want to do, not to what you want them to do. And of course no one cares. Where were they when they bond isues for public transportation were on the ballot? Who will overturn Prop 13? When the people who voted to gut social security are out on their keesters without money for teabags, no one is going to care. But who cares very directly for Wal Mart shoppers now? For Wal Mart shopper values?

I.e., are cultural values just entertainment? Is culture (incl writing) just entertainment for people whose values do not come from / relate to their labor?

Is this the lesson from the end of the industrial revolution? This is why I asked Alan Sondheim why he commented that belief is action. Always seemed to me to be an involving type of couch potato(e) hood, where sex scandal televangelist x makes as much money as tax scandal televangelist y and why not pay someone the $10. you would to see a "weepie" in the theatre.

The guy in the cube next to mine who will be laid off next month made all his congrats, step in the right direction, if we get 60 senators by next term we can save millions of babies calls -- on pacifica there was also a comment -- well, if you truly believed birth control is a genocide, wouldn't you fight?

I promise -- this IS all related to my poetry & I will figure out how soon --


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