well -- I HEARTILY recommend reviewing on blogs -- this from Patrick Herron about the ledge, the flag, and his poetry.

[To read more about poetry and ANTHEMS, you might check out my review of Jean Donnelley's ANTHEM at sidereality.]

Incidentally, with respect to the pledge...one of the poems in the book (name's slipping me right now...don't have the book in front of me...the poem with the revolutionary flag names in it "An Appeal To Heaven"..."A New Constellation" ) was on display in Carrboro Town Hall as a protest to a censoring of a town-sponsored artist. My poem was on display as the center part of a simple triptych I created; the right panel consisted of a collection of Bellamy quotes complete with an image of the old "Heil Hitler"-esque gesture used in the US to recite the pledge until the 1950s. The left panel, designed to contrast with the Bellamy attitudes, was simply the bill of rights.




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