Dear Larry:

I understand. I would like to make an offer $37.50/each for all 10 for a total of $375.00.

We just bought our first house, a 1920s house with all the fixtures removed. These particular sconces appeal to me since I have purchased coordinating ceiling fixtures and since my parents, former Chicagoans, went to school in Milwaukee (I grew up in downstate IL). Also, we have a koi fish named Moe.

Over the past few days, I have lost several sconce auctions, and I have won several sconce auctions. After some calculations, the average price of sconces appropriate to a 1920s house I have won or lost the past seven days on eBay is (some with original finishes, others in terrible shape): $35.00. This is about what I paid for the others I bought from you, for example.

I feel my offer is a good one since 1) I am keeping them together, 2) rewiring will cost quite a bit, 3) the original patina is gone (many of the more expensive sconces selling have been rewired or have original paint -- some of these 20s sconces were originally polychrome, for example).
If the seller wants twelve brand new double-light sconces (retailing at about $75 per), I can throw those in.

A buyer in the hand....

Let me know. I could really use more sconces.

All best,
Catherine Daly

sconce count:

living room: 4
dining room: 2
master bedroom: 5
hall: 1
guest room: 3
office: 1
second bedroom: 1


I actually am now the likely owner of about 20 sconces, but would rather have a match.


Anonymous said…
For your info, this is a new service for sellers to find buyers on eBay: Please feel free to delete this comment if you wish. Thanks!

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