Of my collection of neat-o chapbooks, I have failed to mention my favorite designes, definitely TINFISH's, and also the chapbooks of Susan Schultz' chapbook -- exchange? collective? they make and exchange a chapbook each summer.

Part of my prejudice? experience? informed opinion? in favor of recording labels for bands arises from the record label two friends and I all-but-started after college in Northhampton, MA. We were also, foolishly, in retrospect, going to bring out Charles Manson's record (someone else did, eventually). So I *really* believe in going from demo to label, or EP or cassette or self-issued CD to tiny label. Consequently (and Pete Weiss, now at Weissy.com, I think, has kept the faith, and also became an editor and wrote a baseball book), I have carried over this desire to go "to press" from self-issued whatnot.

What Scott et.al. are talking about is somewhat different. But while they view chapbook & ephemera presses as "small labels" I would say that I view Tougher Disguises, Tinfish, or even Ahsahta, as "small labels."

And a lot of my determination not to call anything shorter than 48 pages with a spine a book is part of what is called the "professionalization" of poetry but in my opinion should be called something else, like "telling the truth on your cv."


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