just found "daly thoughts blog" here's some words:

how you word the question

It depends on the meaning of the word consistent

it is a conservative blog by a computer programmer named Daly, which briefly scanning makes me wonder

isn't the current support of the military rooted less in the "my country right or wrong" sentiment of the 20th century, but in a reaction to the way that vietnam war protesting was seen to lead to lack of support for returning soldiers (who lost a war)?

but isn't part of that "lack of support" lack of medical (especially mental illness) support and ongoing counseling and job assistance rather than lack of parades and flags at funerals and yellow stickers next to christian fish on beat up minivans?

or, alternately, a difference in focus -- isn't everyone saying "this death didn't have to happen if our president didn't lead us into waging this illigitimate war"? -- and why is that sacrifice less heroic or tragic if unnecessary/a non sequitor? isn't it more so? the soldier as victim and hero -- one gesture of the futility of attempting to live a valued human life under a regime that values nothing but the economic status quo?


Gerald T said…
I don’t know, the life of the nation?

What is that to me, what matters if I wander thru a slop fed hog pen(todayUSA) or a desolate wasteland(postdownfallUSA), for it is all the same, this thing that I dare not touch, this burr under my saddle, this nettle in my sock, this “Reality”

Enrico Giamondi said…
The current "support" of the military is rooted in nothing so lofty as patriotism -- which few with a yellow ribbon on their car could even define for you. It is rooted in cowardice (conservatism by another name).

No matter how unjust, the unwashed masses of idiots (with whom we must contend because they are the majority) have been led by cowards (see Operation Yellow Elephant and is fought by cowards (see abu ghraib).

Why? Here is the complexity -- the lack of a draft. I may be left of lenin, but I believe that we should have a draft -- EVERYONE has to serve in the military. If the Yellow Elephants out there knew that their children had the same likelihood of being shredded by a car-bomb as their servants' kids, you'd see a lot more anti-war sentiment in the elite -- and a concerted effort to resolve conflict by force of arms only when absolutely necessary.

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