five true sentences about my work:

1. I wrote it.

More controversial than it might seem to those unfamiliar w/ Barthes, i.e. Especially since the project I am proposing involves "insetting" found poems from Imperial Highway and probably the other highways running east - west through LA, on a backbone of what some might consider to the the poem part, a la the Vauxhall poems

2. when I work with "findings" I am currently reminded of a thing I blabbed out without really evaluating if I believe it or not on the Radio Star conference panel proposal,

Catherine Daly argues with the notion that poetry is a "product of
>identity." Poetry, she claims, is better thought of as a result of a
>network-a dialog in text between a sensing being and the world that she
>is appropriating. There is no "I" writing a poem about "something": a
>poem constructs an absence of the world, and not the presence of a

3. I begin a piece with the idea for it

4. I know a piece is done when I -- have to stop working on it. I usually revise extensively but i TRY TO QUIT WHEN IT GETS TO THE POINT i HAVE NO NEW APPROACHES / CONCEPTS / LEARNINGS FROM THE PROCESS TO REVISE TOWARD oop - you can tell the parrot chewed my shift key -- when revising is no longer making changes I think are significant

5. When my work is going well, I am filled with a sense of "my work going well." Duh.

other sentence completion:
When people see my work, I'd like them to "read it and respond."


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