I live in a climate,
so why is what I want to know what's unchanging?

we supply the path and the loan without usury
they supply will, determination, and payments
you can sponsor a home or any part of a home

at Home
guests enjoy innovative products
favorite tunes amenities
who not hosts? guests in one's own home?
why be a guest in one's own home?
surround yourself with first class
relaxation, renewal complement home
relieve tension yet remain alert
clear the mind with the power of invigorating
throw looks and feels like
bold statement
complement, collect spice routine
decorative needs, elements
a truly grand experience
signature white
never matched

better beer
better heart
sweet bay
sweet heart

sunshine treasure coast

for more scenery visit our gallery

wings n' weenies: "we're more than wings n' weenies"

the most ezquisite peruvian cuisine
free wine with entree
majarra frita ceviches arroz con mariscos lomito saltido mojarra frita churrasco causa rellena
delicious authentic peruvian seafood & rotisserie chicken
free entree with wine
best peruvian food in town (formerly red peruvian)
free wine with entreee or free entree with wine
ceviches & seafood fresh fish steak & chicken

fresh seafood for lent

Job Snippets

matress sales associate
truck driver? truck driver?

see swim city
sea swim mart
stein mart
the best / rest haven
free lotion free towl beach towel $6.99

"back of your hand"

here, at the mercy of
books and ratings, critics and snoops

a statue of a fish
on a pedestal...

explore sharks, manatees, sea turtles, dolphins
ray touch pool
HD Immersion Cinema
Eco Boat tours

Beer Can Island

come ride the future with us

letters and words that "take the shape of great mountains"

the poor screamingof the rat -- he or she suffered -- I put it "out of its misery" with an oar too late. Before I got out of bed, "bedclothes" carefully tucked up, not dangling, I wanted to make sure there was one rat, and it was trapped. I plugged in the lamp (switch doesn't work), put on slippers and winter coat and landlady's flashlight, sweeping the way to the oar with light, locating the poor, undead rat, killing it, and using the oar and plastic bag to pick it up, take it to the trash


certain statements about physical entites were now impossible
conflict scenarios limit presentation of complex
lampoon the musings
Sevres figuring
clergy embraced Darwin, not so problematic as critical and historical interpretation of texts

infallability and what it means in nature
"natural science" being philosophy

names on landscape
tired of the road
not in love with its end
artificial = gated
cul de sac planned
"bad feng shui"


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