using Eileen Myles' SKIES as a way into writing about nature in an airplane rather than checking out the circus museum (Thursday poem)

the blank, glowing windoe
more about the clash on headphones
than actual wispiness inside

the blank, glowing window
and clouds --

I can see auras if I concentrate but I think anyone might be able to -- I think it might be like hearing certain types of music --

an ad for chocolates that looks like the dots animation from sesame street plays on the seatback across the aisle
all the beauty and warmth of the sun (summit of beauty and love)
I know I'm going to get a red neck and sun damage

orchid trees are beautiful (no they are not really orchids in the trees)
but you can't take the orchids down
"the pressing / blue/ I'm pressing / through"

sunshower is my audio playlist selection

"stars shining right above you"

soaring above TriBeCa, $25K a month
your New York observations
make it New York


lining out

who is worshipped through voice
voice only
worldly instrumentalism
voice worShips

>>> earlier in the week, getting typed now

there is no sign they are dangerous
there is no proof they are safe

check out Bellona, Hippolyta's girdle, girdle/belts in general, Heracles vs. Hercules


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