I am a Miracle Gro woman. While I would never kill and till (or weed and feed, or sow winter oat in SoCal), a lawn, garden, or part thereof, and just pull grass and weeds in flowerbeds (des temps en temps), I spray poison on broadleaf weeds (I have a coexistence pact with blooming clovers). My flowers are low maintenance. They do not require me to labor at $75-150/hr. They do not take away from my ability to strip paint with toxic chemicals. They do not require anyone else to labor. They smell good, not like poo, or like low voc oil based paint disposed of properly.

If feed corn and soy were organic, that probably would have changed the health situation I have, and that of every woman in my hometown, but victory gardeners do not spray tomatoes with Treflan, poisoning the water supply. Those are weed killers, not fertilizers, anyway.

Don't get me started on soy paint.

I think gardens are cool, hate (and am allergic to) grass/lawns, but: NAFTA (what is food security? actually -- what does it mean? does it mean not having to exploit the providers of food?): why spend city (treated) water, hours, cages, etc., for tomatoes?

I think growing hot & specialty peppers is cool because anyone with a window ledge and an old tin can can do it. Plus those suckers are $8. a pound, even in California.

But if one lives in a desert, drip-watered raised beds full of imported bone meal and mulch for tomatoes; alfalfa in Wyoming emptying the Colorado River, and not only fetish lawns, but then fetish lawns that must be made without tools.

People at the 99 cents only store bought out the seeds, people at the hardware stores are buying veggie seedlings: tomatoes in season here in California are 10 pounds for a dollar. That's right: 10 pounds for a dollar. Like citrus in Florida in season. I hate to see post college kids (since we are privileged it is our responsibility to impoverish ourselves serving our basic needs at Whole Foods and overpriced greenmarkets) and really suffering people spending what is over $5 a pound for vegetables in labor & water (labor valued at minimum wage).

Remember the e coli recycled water deal.


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