I want to say something about Sharon Harris' I Love You project, which is not at drunken boat (I am on the masthead, disclosure), and also that her ephemera, through dusie and others of her projects, is of high quality, artistically, and in execution, but very risky -- maybe brilliant, maybe weird, and I think that's a risk I take sometimes, but not as she does.

that "i love you" on a mug, on a t-shirt, in pen on jeans or hands in a boring classroom, scratched into a mirror, carved into the wooden walls around amusement park ride mazes during the hours teenagers spend there... wouldn't be text object, text clothing, what is? it crosses the usual and the emotional -- yet -- it is trite or sentimental? it is her best work thus far, but I expect more from her, given what I've seen of the ephemera too -- so few see the writing in the things that surround us, and then the poetry in some of that...


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