Emilia Stuart Lorimer
Anna Wickham

people we know

Dudley, Helen
Conkling, Grace Hazard
Monroe, Harriet

Wyatt, Edith the wind in the corn already online

Van Rennselaer, Schuyler Mrs.
Lily Long, The Singing Place and Other Poems already online

Margaret Widdemer; heaven forfend, google books has from Kirkus, "This is- it is to be hoped- the complete and definitive collection of Margaret Widdemer's verse from the time she was a favorite rhymester of the ladies magazines of the '20's until now when- but for this book- she is almost forgotten. Better proof that sentimental thoughts and second-rate rhymes do not result in poetry could hardly be asked for. There is not a line of elegance or distinction throughout, scarcely a recommendation for presenting these poems in more permanent form."


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