ith only two quarterbacks on the roster heading into the draft, the Eagles were expected to snag a developmental mid-round quarterback at some point during the three-day extravaganza. They did indeed get their man in the multi-talented Mike Kafka from Northwestern with the 122th overall selection, the 22nd pick in the fourth round.

Kafka is obviously coming into Philadelphia to be a backup, which is something he's done before. He only started his final season at Northwestern after sitting behind C.J. Bacher for his first three seasons, but in that one season Kafka led the Big Ten in passing yards (263.8 yards per game) and was named to the All-Big-Ten second team. Kafka, 6-foot-3, 225 pounds, is also a threat on the ground, as he ran for 891 yards in his Northwestern career - including a 2008 game against Minnesota when he ran for 217 yards.

So coming out of Northwestern, the most intellectual Big 10, he's sure to know his cockroaches.... more soon...


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