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Boston Brick & Stone are THE chimney people, but they only install retro-fittable wood burning fp; this has to be done w/ the entire rebuilding of our chimney, but a wood burning fp firebox is 6 inches deeper than a gas fp and we want gas

will have to stratighten out, p'haps with gas fp specialists

need an HVAC guy for remedy to furnace venting through chimney (which requires rebuilding) ,cost of allergy filter on heat, install of (filtered) AC venting through furnace vents

electrician -- Mick Paskus. His baileywick (SP) is that old cloth covered wires don't need replacing -- we need an upgrade from ceramic fuses -- only 2500 but we also need dryer 220 and AC line, and it looks like we have some overamped circuits. a plug in each bathroom (currently none) is a nice to have, but I can get that by adding pulg & switches or with fixtures with plugs. If the electrical can take it.

plumber -- galvatized pipe to be replaced with copper -- need to pull permits for all three baths, as only two are permitted -- plus gas hookup for at least lower fp (which HAS a 17' firebox, no longer standard for woodburning


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