so my mild -- not dislexia -- mostly name & name of thing thing -- is based mostly on initial letter / name, initial part of a compond, etc. Thus all Bobs are Bob [whatever first name of a Bob I know], all people with the initials SS are likely to be the same person... etc.

ACLA line up: myself, "Catherine Daly," Susan Schultz (sometimes Susan W. Schultz, sometimes Susan M. Schultz) of TINFISH publishing fame (check out the books during the HOLIDAY SALE), Walter K. Lew (the only Walter I know), and Deborah Meadows, whose surname is quite difficult for me to remember, unfortunately.

Like all tics (I get an eye tic too & so have been wearing my glasses mostly for about a year now, which seems to help), this increases in tmies of stress.

Post 9/11, getting a tow truck on the Universal lot is like -- I dunno -- invading Poland.

The problem causing voluminous white smoke from the 98 Green Mustang Convertible -- causing some distress & discomfort through the Sepulveda Pass on the 405 AND at the 170 - 101 junction is NOT a blown head gasket!!! Thank heavens, because there's no way I can get a new car this year if this house pulls through. Charlie's Garage is handling it.

Lido (Lazaro Lido) of Lido Plumbing sez he'd wait until the galvantized pipe starts leaking to replace it & get all three bathrooms permitted. He sez new sump pump, valve on water heater, and new shower upstairs, at $3000. Pipe & inspection, when the time comes, abt 5-6K. Others have told us not to wait for a leak! advice which I am inclined to agree with, since leaks are a pain and cause mold, which my beloved is allergic to.

The whole porch, which we figure has been enclosed for at least 50 years, is so illegal that when the chmney permit, furnace permit, and eventuual bathrooms permit inspectors out, we need a special invisible cloak for the whole thing (enclosure caused a lovely windowless interior room).

Furnace by noon!


Many people don't already have free adobe acrobat reader installed!!! What? Don't they read e-books? Anything online? It has only been around for a dozen years. GET A CLUE. DOWNLOAD IT. Go ahead. You can survice the Adobe ad splashscreen five times a day, can't you?


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