Anthony A. Lee (
Featured Poet

Wednesday, May 25, 8:00 p.m.

4344 Degnan Boulevard | Los Angeles, CA 90008
(one block east of Crenshaw, north of Vernon between 43rd Place and 43rd Street)

Anthony A. Lee teaches African American history (and other subjects) at West Los Angeles College. His poems have been published in ONTHEBUS, The Homestead Review, Arts Dialogue, Warpland, and the 2003 anthology of the Valley Contemporary Poets (Sherman Oaks, CA). He is the winner of the Nat Turner Poetry Prize for 2003 (Cross Keys Press). Some of his translations of poems have been published in Táhirih: A Portrait in Poetry: Selected Poems of Qurratu’l-‘Ayn (Kalimát Press, 2004). His first book of poems was the winner of the Naomi Long Madgett Poetry Award for 2005 (Lotus Press).

"Lee's poems are not quaint exercises in poetic form. They grab you by the throat
with their personal intensity, jostle your brain with their intellectual bravery, and
startle your heart with their spirit and insight."
-- Jack Grapes, editor, ONTHEBUS

"Every good narrative lyric means more than what it says, and these poems convert
experience into meaning even as they introduce us to new experiences. Deeply
felt, fresh, and wise, in these poems Lee teaches us new stories."
-- Catherine Daly, poet and author of DADADA

"A tender exploration, embracing both the heavy and the light. Done with such
patience and care, one cannot help but listen."
-- Ruth Forman, poet and author of


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