this was the group of poets reading on the red line that I was part of -- also Keren, founder of writegrrl.

These are curated by Elena Byrne.

also check

LISTEN UP: "Chasing Poets on the Red Line" Hear or read the KCRW commentary
online. Go to, select "Arts & Culture", select "The Urban Man."

tho I didn't really talk to him, either

April 20 - Breaking through the rush hour monotone, acclaimed
L.A.-based poets are riding the rails, lifting the heart, and inviting
Metro Rail riders to cherish the moment in celebration of National
Poetry Month in April.
The poets are staging live readings of poetry in the Metro Rail
system at rush hour from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on three Thursdays in
The rush-hour readings are
part of Poetry in Motion, a
national arts program. At
Metro, the work of poets is
inscribed on placards and
Poet Steve Peterson is among group of poets on board Metro Red
Line April 14 for National Poetry Month readings.
Page 1 of 2 Metro Report
5/4/2005 http://intranet1/mtanews_info/report/poetsOnBoard-2005.htm
placed aboard nearly 2,400
Metro buses, bringing poetry
to more than one million bus
riders a day.
Poetry in Motion L.A. has
staged rush-hour readings
during National Poetry
Month since its inception in
The month-long celebration
of National Poetry Month will
culminate in a staged
reading at 4 p.m., April 28,
in the courtyard adjacent to
the Metro Gold Line Mission
Station in South Pasadena.
Poets Richard Beban, George
Chacon, Michael C. Ford, Liz
González, Kaaren Kitchell,
Regina O’Melveny, and Elena Karina Byrne will read their work.
Admission is free for all readings.
Poet Keren
At right, poet
Kate Soto on
Metro Red Line.
Poet Keren Taylor is among group of poets reading to waiting commuters at Pershing
Square Station.


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