I needed to go to Jane (Sprague) and Stan (Apps) reading tonight, but we were deep into our 1st holiday weekend / smoker construction.

We did the large flower pot, electric burner / hot plate, hose pot, smoker.

You get a large (19 inch diameter) terra cotta pot. I from - Traget 20 dollar hot plate put in bottom. A hose-winding pot also 20 inch diameter, but shallower, to go inverted as the top. We had a giant lobster pot to kill -- you put it on the hot plate with water-soaked wood chips within. Used the grill grates from our (small, but not the mini) Weber. Meat thermometers (2).

We did mesquite tonight, and chicken breasts -- took two hours for the thing to warm up to 200 degrees, which is what's required. Used tin foil to seal off smoke leaks. The chips actually do burn / turn to charcoal.

Hickory and (brined) brisket tomorrow -- brining in 1/9 kosher salt, 9 parts water, mole, red wine, chives, cumin seeds, 1/4 cup hazelnut syrup....

sauce made w/ ketchup, honey, ginger, balsamic... and more more more


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