aside from putting jasco on our dark purple tile (it was porcelainned white, and the blue-black tile painted black), talked to Ron's first cousin's wife Anita re: her book project

Anita is a recent creative writing undergrad of a well-respected central Ohio school with an undergrad writing program

someone in her family died, and she has a story regarding god / faith, illness, and hospital malpractice (I think) -- her notes are quite long, she says 1500 pages, but I'm sure it is book length -- she says she needs editorial help -- sounds like she needs whole manuscript structure help and help "editing down" -- she says she also needs copyediting help

she sys she has been encouraged to continue in her deciscion to self publish, in hopes "it gets picked up by a big publisher" and that her second one "becomes part of a series" -- there are many religious serial novels out there now, one co-written with my fave Thomas Kincaid


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