Another example of self-publishing attempting to capture a market: here, cat owners, but I felt that it was striking that this is not SECULAR cat poetry, but NON-SECULAR cat poetry, "written for readers of all faiths."

There were copyrights on the poem-samples, see earlier blog posting, so I have only put one poem here, less than 250 words, for educational purposes.

New Poetry Book!

(published by Artemesia Publishing, 112 pages, $12.95, 2005, ISBN:1-932926-13-5)

Nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, this beautiful book by award-winning poet and novelist Laura Stamps contains a collection of 59 new poems sure to delight any cat-lover. Written for readers of all faiths, THE YEAR OF THE CAT is the perfect gift for cat owners and anyone who has ever been blessed by housecats or strays. You'll find more information about this book and other poetry books by Laura Stamps at the Kittyfeather Press web site (

"Laura Stamps writes with a soft purr when she speaks of strays and other friends. She has a command of the sound of the language that is so difficult in English, which is not easily rendered lyrically or musically. With a gentle beat in soft tones, she finds the voice worthy of that aristocratic Persian when she fetes us with both poems and kitties." (JD Collins, Editor, Fullosia Press)
"Laura Stamps has a gift. Well, to say that is an understatement. It is not often that I come across a poet whose work I can read over and over again without becoming tired of it. She is one of those poets. I can speak all day about how talented she is, but one of her most divine qualities is how she allows her spirit to flow through everything she does. From her artistic nature to the way she interacts with people, Laura’s positive spirit nurtures the words she speaks, writes, and paints." (Renee’ Johnson, Poetry Editor, Sunpiper Press)

"As I read through a few of her poems, it was good to be reminded how wonderful her poetry is and how easy the words slip in and touch the heart. Laura Stamps, indeed, has a purpose and is weaving her talents into a most beautiful written tapestry. Her poetry is among the best I have ever read." (Mike Burrow, Editor, Hawkwind Literary Journal)

"Laura Stamps’ use of language and the deceptive simplicity of her narrative observations please and engage both parts of my brain, thinking and feeling. I feel when I read her work that I am in the company of a best friend, one that allows me to relax and enjoy the simple pleasure of being alive. The world is still there, but its presence is less hyper-human and more humane." (Stephen Morse, Editor, Juice Magazine)

TO ORDER: Make $12.95 check or money order payable to LAURA STAMPS. (Free shipping in the U.S.)
MAIL TO: Laura Stamps, Kittyfeather Press, P.O. Box 212534, Columbia, SC 29221-2534

You can also order this book from

Laura Stamps is an award-winning poet and novelist. Over six hundred of her poems, short stories, and poetry book reviews have appeared in literary journals, magazines, anthologies, and broadsides, including the Louisiana Review, Big City Lit, Poesy Magazine, American Writing, The Pittsburgh Quarterly, and Poetry Midwest. She is the author of more than twenty-five books of poetry and prose. Her fiction chapbook "White Porches" was a Semi-Finalist in the Winnow Press Chapbook Award in Fiction Competition. Her poetry chapbook "In the Garden" was a Top-Finalist in the Blue Light Press Poetry Prize and Chapbook Competition, and was recently published by The Moon. Several of her poems are included in the celebrity anthology "Open My Eyes, Open My Soul" (2003, McGraw-Hill Books) and "Women of the Web Anthology of Poems" (2005, Little Poems Press). More information about books by Laura Stamps can be found at For a free catalog of poetry books and novels by Laura Stamps email

Three poems from the book:

DAYBREAK (c) Laura Stamps

There is a place
behind a cat’s ear
as sweet as summer
jasmine, as soft as
the satin purse of
a mink. I rest my
cheek there often,
listening to the syrup
of birdsong twisting
its silver threads
through the sky’s
orchid hair, as buds
of sunrise blossom
in apricot and
tangerine, and I
wonder about the
flaring water-music
of the wood thrush
and how many
levels of joy my
body can bear.


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