I have only read the e-mail inviting me to read Adam Fieled's internet theory

as many of you know, I am stopped dead poetry month wise (apparently) by the idea that text is weaving and so texture is text's surface

but I have also been reformatting Surplice as an online being for Great Works

thus, I would add that digital text is, well, after all, text; and its much ballyhoo-ed "hyper" "link" and even (by me) info / source is really its TEXT nature, and not its digital nature

For those of you interested in literary theory, I have been developing ideas towards the creation of a new branch of literary theory. I call it "I.T.": Internet Theory. This theory, which is still in the formative stages, attempts to work out the implications, formal characteristics, and inherent properties of "digital text," "digital consciousness," and "Reception Velocity," among other things. I have done a solid week of it here:


I hope that others will join with me in exploring these ideas. A new context for literature is a new chance to redefine it, as it was, is, and can be.
Adam Fieled


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