Janet Hamilton, from Poems And Essays (1863); from Poems of Purpose and Sketches in Prose of Scottish Peasant Life and Character in Auld Langsyne (1865); from Poems And Ballads (1868);

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(scottish dialect in print) awa'!

Ellen Johnston, from her Autobiography, Poems and Songs of Ellen Johnston, The Factory Girl (1867);

saddest preface by a "literary celebrity" thus far

Autobiography, Poems, and Songs By Ellen Johnston: "ELLEN JOHNSTON the Factory Girl has asked me to look over her verses This I have done with very considerable interest and pleasure She labours of course under great disadvantage but subtracting all the signs of imperfect education her rhymes are highly creditable to her heart and head too are written always with fluency and often with sweetness and I see have attracted the notice and the warm praise of many of her own class I hope she will be encouraged by this to cultivate her mind to read to correct the faults in her style arising from her limited opportunities and so doing she cannot fail to secure still increased respect and warmer patronage"


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