Twenty Questions


what on a page becomes fanciful
what, on a page,
where: mouth, brain

what on a page
where, when, hand
what on a page
where, word in head to hand again
when, hand to mouth
becomes fanciful?

why fancy
this sweet, when
emanations, effluvia oppress?
not purpose?

why full,
not perfectly empty, filling
or draining

can become, unfold?
can become what on what
on a page?

does it arrive (get ther) simply, and then don lipstick?
jig a sprightly step?
Dance hands?

Saucy in the ear
wild ear

and there is a place
for opening
a place for opening
what? too strange to have in the ear
(get out, get out, you ugly sport)

there's a place for pictures, on the wall, in books,
in cabinets, as files, or the report cards and transcripts of the former
Shah of Iran
family photos, tax returns, be they revelatory or dead paper specifically printed and free (by which I mean, without cost, by law, in the library, because that's where things that only cost .25 a day after two weeks are, although tax forms -- people with loud expensive red ink could write on that free paper -- our laws provide this pre-printed.... oh this is really boring)

strangely reveletory tax returns, why all those knickers, ha ha
coded files on obsolete backups, punch card, DAT, 9 inch disk, 5 1/2 floppy, 3 1/4 hard floppy (MAC compatible!), Zip!

ok this stinks, there are spaces and alignments


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