1. What drew you to editorial work in the first place?

It is de rigeur for the set of places that publish me to have to be an editor too.

2. Describe your editorial trajectory – when/where did it start, how long have you been at it, where is it now? What are your editorial ambitions?

I have edited and published a lot of technology stuff, a lot of my own stuff. There are some more presses doing what I want to do now, more than a few years ago when I started. That's good.

3. Apart from following submissions guidelines, what should a poet sending work do (or refrain from doing) to stay on your good side?

Buy a copy, know the mission, know me.

4. Do you co-edit or edit on your own? Talk about this choice – what are the pros and cons of both options, in your view?

I am it. My husband offered to support my press if I would devote more time to it, make it more professional, publish different fiction, by more men. I felt that since the press is a money loser and a time suck, I didn't want to devote more effort to it. I feel that while it is good to have these books that wouldn't be otherwise, or in this form, that delving any deeper would either be embittering, or involve a lot of pr I didn't care about.

5. What gets you most excited when you read a submission? How frequently do you get “exciting” submissions?

I get pretty exciting submissions

6. Describe how you sort through and narrow down submissions and finally select pieces for publication.

solicitation only

7. Is your publication online, print or hybrid? Share your thoughts on the differences between these formats from an editorial point of view. Does your publication accept both snail mail and email submissions? Explain your policy in this regard.

print only; there is/was some plan to do .pdfs

8. Talk about the challenges and opportunities involved in accepting or rejecting work submitted for publication by poets you know personally.

Well, as soon as I run into a problem, it stalls the whole process indefinitely. If it isn't the way I want it to be, I won't spend time or money on it, move it forward.

9. If you are a publishing poet, how does being an editor affect your performance/behavior as a poet? Do you ever publish your own work? If so, why? If not, why not?

I give my isbns to people who are going to publish me, so that as much work as possible is listed that way.

10. Describe how you conceptualize what you are trying to achieve with each edition. How do you get feedback on the quality of your publication?

the mission is "appealing to the eye and ear" and we try to do that different ways


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