what does a feminist poet look like, or locate a feminism in my work, or respond to Mark Wallace?

feminism is fairly simple; it is not a theory so much as a conviction

coming into a feminist consciousness is really (and even clear on delirious hem blog) realizing that the world contains no gender equity; equality, even equality under laws and many general cultural practices, is a radical idea. it exists almost nowhere. it is a tangible intangible. radical in the same was that peace is a radical idea and practice, one that doesn't necessarily disallow violence, for example

oh, if only the virginia presidential think tank had applied their radical ideas more thoroughly

even among feminists, though, to be a female feminist is to have a different vision of the need and application of feminism -- radical gender equality -- than to be male

in the same way, african american people have different visions of radical racial equality than do latin@s than do caucasians

while ideas live differently in different cultures, equality is not necessarily a cultural idea/value; its thorough application would involve a change in culture, and as an idea, it might arise or live differently in different cultures, sure


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