Looking for endorsements, etc., for voting, I found

How we evaluate a candidate
12 family values criteria

now, how are these family values criteria?

We are endorsing candidates who will work to…
1. Reduce the bloated bureaucracies at the school and city levels

by including "school"? that bloating: certainly not a family value, no

2. Provide real solutions to protect kids and families from gangs and crime

ah. what about all those people without a family. just kidding.

3. Improve education standards and schools

ok, that is a nice value

4. Control schools or cities with wise fiscal management

control with fiscal management. very odd. also, this parallel of "school" and "city" is getting scary

5. Create more accountability of teachers, school administrators and city employees

to whom, and for what? how about creating more accountability for parents and students, too?

6. Cut waste and inefficiency in the schools and city

ok, although the public schools I've seen are too poor to have much direct waste. this is certainly aimed at lausd, which clearly needs to be split into valley, city, southbay, westside, county boroughs

7. Achieve independence from—and not become a puppet of—the powerful government unions that prevent needed reform and protect incompetent teachers and city employees

as one of the first and last white collar unions, protecting teachers who are increasingly subject to violence from parents and students... ah...

8. Support a parent’s right to send their children to charter and other schools if the local school is failing the students

that's fine

9. Look to privatize and outsource government services for lower costs and greater productivity

generally this is code for "funding religious charter schools"; I don't know how much stands to be saved here. would have to investigate.

10. Pledge to reduce taxes…and not to vote for new taxes. Watch dog and advocate for the taxpayer. Be pro job growth and business friendly.

I sense the anger here, but the real problem is that there is a group of high income individuals which needs to pay more in tax, and they keep passing regressive taxes, like sales taxes, rather than appropriate taxes. We don't need more taxes on small business; we do need them on big business. We don't need more taxes on people earning less than 40K a year; we need to raise property taxes on 2M plus properties which were purchased more than 10 years ago, too

11. Candidate has proven to have vision, a passion to serve and a track record of accomplishment.

12. The Candidate by all indicators and research has integrity, honesty and a servants’ heart.

A servant's heart! Love it. No. No one should have a servant's heart. People running for office should have a desire and ability to serve the public with honesty, integrity. What they do with their musculature is their own beeswax.

So, I voted for the existing board members endorsed by... my union...


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