psyching out contests, presses, etc.

Dara Wier is judging the new Mississippi Review 3 book prize

Don't actually have any of her books and haven't seen her read; have a few of Tate's books.

One of the poets -- likely but not in the main crowd -- doped by John Ashbery. See Ralph Angel, Lee Upton.

When I read the poem with phrases I immediately think of Alice Notley. Because I always think of Alice Notley's "White Phosphorus" when I see phrases broken up by pieces of punctuation. The one I wrote also uses double quotes. Maybe I should translate it or do another rewrite pseudo translation with parens. Another with brackets. Another with asterisks. How would that make the difference between "White Phosphorus" and "Blue Oxen" more apparent?

(it's scaffolding) at the beginning is a clear and obvious signal; more cannily, I should have typed "(it's scaffolding)"

(it's scaffolding I have to borrow or rent for next Saturday)

Masque not Skin

(yet they are bright) (night envied) (silver moon, broken) (bodies in the ocean) (in clouds, roses white, rose) (souls of men) (clad in sky-colored dress) (by day) (evening's motion)


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