The collected Works of Billy the Kid
Michael Ondaatje
1970, 1979

This was a recommendation from WOMPROSE re: creative biography.

This was an enjoyable read. For nearly 40 years ago, this proved an amazing precursor to the slim volume length books of poems and prose poems which Iowa grads wrote 5 to ten years ago, even before Cole Swensen was there (although Swensen's books are frequently like this, well... seems to be less in style). A group of tightly interrelated works drawn from or about the same character, subject, natural science idea, science idea, event, nonfiction work, even flies.

More of these, like this book (like Anne Carson's) should (have) include(d) pictures and posters.

It also reminded me to Martine Bellen's poems based on autobiographies of women in the American West in the book of hers I reviewed, THE VULNERABILITY OF ORDER.


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