YOUR BRIGHT FUTURE: Contemporary Artists from Korea

1) we should see more contemporary Korean artists in LA, though YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES is pretty omnipresent

2) The best work was the plastic walk through sculpture in the courtyard. It reminded my of my favorite work in the Hirshhorn in 1976, which was plastic tubing hanging from the ceiling almost to the floor lit by black light? purple light? This was plastic stuff: laundry baskets, dishes, buckets, bowls, etc. also hung from abt a 15 ft height that could be walked through. I have long been trying to think of something to do with these plastic things, art-wise (other than plaster them with printed paper-mache). I felt the color play could have been more interesting, but there was a strong effort there. It was perfectly located outside, so you could see both 99 cents only stores (which carry these sorts of things) that are nearby.

Someone had either put "made in china" stickers on some of the bowls as a comment, or the artist didn't buy everything on Korea. Hmmm. It is better if everything was made in Korea.


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