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Shakespeare's Sonnet 23
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The perfect ceremony of love’s rite,
learn to read what silent love hath writ:
To hear with eyes belongs to love’s fine wit.

Thesaurus Substitution

While inn perfect performer upon the upper house platform
Which person by personal alarm is expedient place adjacent to personal piece,
Part of speech any brutal object full by also abundant anger,
Why strenuous plenty weaken personal possess blood pump;
Consequently I appreciate it, as alarm from belief, disremember until state
The upper house finished ritual from lover ceremony,
As well as inside of excavation possess lover energy appear until decline,
O'er by weight from excavation possess lover strength.
O.K.! allow myna ledger exist at that time the upper house expressiveness
As well as mute presaging from myna verbal chest,
Which person beg as commitment, as well as glance as payment,
Increased look down at another lingua another increased hating increased expressed.
O.K.! master until seen and understood what it boils down to quiet commitment
hating law:
Until listen by eye belong until lover refined satire.


UnS un unperfect actor in ze stage
What wiff hiss fear be put beside hiss piece,
Ou zum fierce dingy replete wiff too-too mucho rage,
Whose strength’s abundance weakens hiss own blood organ;
Zo I and I, far fear uff trust, f-f-f-f-???? ta zay
Ze parfait ceremony uff lub’s rite,
Und into jelen own lub’s strength ,think eye, ta decay,
O’ercharg’d wiff burden uff jelen own lub’s mebbe.
O! let m-m-my word-devices b-b-b-be zen ze eloquence
Und dumb presagers uff m-m-my speaking breast,
What plead far lub, und luck far recompense,
Mo zan dot tongue dot mo hath mo local’d.
O! learn ta read oh boy vatt silent lub hath writ:
Ta understand wiff eyeballs belongs ta lub’s fine vit.


abundance actor an And And and As
be belongs beside books breast, burden
ceremony decay, dumb eloquence
express’d. eyes fear fear fierce fine for for for
forget hath hath hear heart; his his his I,
in is learn let look love love, love’s love’s love’s
love’s might. mine mine More more more much my
my O! O! O’ercharg’d of of of of on
Or own own own part, perfect plead presagers
put rage, read recompense, replete rite, say
seem silent So some speaking stage strength strength’s
than that that the the The then thing to to
to To to tongue too trust, unperfect weakens
what Who Who Whose wit. with with with with writ:


decay, O'ercharg'd with burden of mine own love's might. O! learn to read what silent love hath writ: To hear with eyes belongs to love's fine wit of love's strength seem to say The perfect ceremony of my books be then the eloquence And in mine own love's fine decay, for recompense, and look for fear of trust, Or some fierce thing replete with eyes belongs to read what silent love, O'ercharg'd with his part, and look for recompense, and look for love hath writ: To hear with burden of love's might. O! learn to read what silent love hath


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