this is tweakjob, for david schubert,

but also some of Winterreise (Winter Journey) is a cycle of 24 poems by Wilhelm Müller, set by Franz Schubert


I steal away by moonlight, in winter, because love wanders.
The wind blows the vane this way and that way; the wind beats at the window panes.
Inside my chest, my warm heart still beats, but the images are frozen.
My favorite place seems to invite only death.
Snow I walk through will melt, ice will melt into the river, and with the water meeting water, all traces of love, of me, will melt away.
It is really she who stole my love, who stole my warmth, who stole me.
Every river flows to an ocean, every favorite place leads to the place of death.
Every anonymous bright sky, calm sky, distant sky freezes me. In news, in dreams, I imagine warmth, warmth like love.
If I sing, sing in the ice, sing in the snow, sing to the springtime and the free river, I will continue to wander.


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