I'm going to be interviewed for Ready Steady books. There's a blog too.



I've decided to answer some of the existing i-view questions as a warm-up.

In other news, there's a translation of part of "Palm Anthology" into Dutch! online:

[link to come]

Got an e-mail from the translator, who is an Air Force pilot. Military Industrial complex? What to do. I am now contracting at NBC Universal. I'm calling it my Christmas job, editing some online help for PAIRS, the participants and residuals system.

Had to take a little joke of a quiz for SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley), as the program I work with is a financials program.

As you may know, H'wood studios are often accused of creative accounting! Each contract for each person involved with a movie can contain completely different terms, with different definitions, from the other contracts.

The sysyem remakes boilerplate templates for reports off a relational database on the fly. "What's related" in the db has the change! Or at least the labels and the calculations done with the items.


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