My husband sent me a link to an AOL story about Roman Catholic archbishops "coming out" against Kerry because of his stances regarding choice and stem cell research. The article mentions that unaccountably the church is not mentioning unilateral war, nuclear proliferation, death penalty, trade policies which turn a blind eye to effective slavery in new economies, etc.

Of course, it is simple to argue about babies.

It is also simplistic to argue about the separation of church and state: while it is a part of the constitution, it both is and is not a foundational aspect of the constitution. It is a tenet which was very much reinterpreted in the modern era, and is still being reinterpreted today. For example, the motto, our money, the pledge... all mention God, i.e., a Christian god.

Why is the church not mentioning a religious war in a region of continued political instability due to religious war?

Well, let's face it, it was awfully convenient when Reagan rhetorically fought all those atheist Marxists and dictators of Eastern Europe at the end of the cold war -- a magical deal between pop culture (western music, film, tv) and organized religious to capture hearts and minds -- and so not very surprising that religious / nationalist dictators have lept into the breach, and that countries not unlike Iraq utterly disintegrated. Just an example that lept to mind of a religious war the church -- well, certainly the pope-as-a-human-being -- supported and now seems to support by saying nothing.

Before I wade into my feeble understanding of Islam, I want to at least try to tie this into what this blog's supposed to be about -- poetry.


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