So how again does this relate poetry to a Roman Catholic archbishop not supporting Kerry? I would like to add, to those 75% of people who are not or were not practising and believing Roman Catholics, that the church does not condone in vitro fertilisation or any sort of birth control whatever including condoms and c.i., and that it trickily dances around the topic of the rhythm method. So, pro-choice (as opposed to pro-life or "culture of life") here really does not represent "abortion" but, actually, "choice."

Like the mullahs in several war-torn countries, and like many fundamentalist preachers in the United States, millions of people all over the world have realized that ethical life wouldn't require as much thought if there were one set of laws or allowable acts, and if those laws were in a book, and those laws were at once very much part of a universal culture (felt to be "innate" or "self-evident" -- i.e., one would hope someone doing something currently legal in the US such as buying an automatic weapon to take out a bunch of school kids -- would sense "wrong" even before the kids were dead and something illegal were done, and would have the same sensation if doing that in oh, Canada, where surely that's illegal) and part of contemporary culture (that there weren't culture clashes, or culture wars, that culture were codified and consistent -- say revealed by a higher power or part of the structure of the universe or something).

Now, this has very much to do with culture and writing. It also has to do with thinking and technology.


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