Angus MacIntyre
Jobs are not the Answer... But Then What Is?
paper, $19.95
American Book Publishing (they have tons of "imprints" but I'm not going to dignify that here)
isbn 1-58982-156-4

Jobs are not the Answer... But Then What Is? : How to think outside the box using your gut feelings on Social Economics and World Issues: Guaranteed to Help You Think Differently
a.k.a. either how not to title your book or how to not lay out text on the cover of your book

Angus writes on his cover that he is relentlessly upbeat and cheerful, so I'm looking for a self-help/business tone in this book. He's another Canadian, so I wonder if the VANITY PUBLISHING biz hasn't been as publicly exposed as here in the US.

I am expecting a meld of "Do What You Love and the Money will Follow" and "Lateral Thinking." Mr. MacIntyre also needs help word processing a table of contents.

People are not happy with their jobs. I am at work. Better get back to it...

Nope -- I'm going to finish this brief comment: Angus is a community organizer and a corporate trainer. He looks like a nice man. He has written down and published what he has learned from his working life, which has been varied and apparently happy. His writing is overall pretty sound, other than the title. He has a long and heartfelt dedication of the type you'd find in a vanity-published book. Like the vanity publishing firms, the national whatever of poetry, the "who's who" firms make a lot of money off of men and women like Angus. Even "self-made men" I know of, such as the man who started the miniatures museum that used to be on museum row in Los Angeles, have fallen prey to "who's who of american construction executives" or whatever. Even some poets I know... How to tell: they put it in their resumes, they put it on their websites.

People at the Vegas Valley book fair asked our publishing panel "well, who are we hurting"? You know, collecting china bells or whatever is probably just as costly as writing children's books no one reads, memoirs no one cares about except family members...

A similar question was often asked by people in my poetry workshop who didn't want to work on the poems they brought in to workshop. You know, the "I'm taking this course for fun, not credit / it is not my major, so the poem / paper is miserable, so what?"

so am I too focussed on the "crocheting an ugly green, line green and yellow acrylic afgan was an utter waste of my grandmother's time" argument? she pinned sequins on styrofoam eggs, too. I mean, she was good at sewing; why didn't she do what she was good at?


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