I promise to get to work and stop clogging. But I am trying to think up a title for two testimony poems (the third -- testimony is from "three" is online at Black Box) for "crimbo" (new to me slang I'm about to annoy everyone with the entire holiday season)

and guess what -- of cuorse we know what it means -- but what does it mean? how can speech authenticate (some sort of voice activated-security system? no); it is a statement of BELIEF and the poems are about where these beliefs are erroneous or plain misleading --

like we saw a short after Nova last night on Leyden jars at the dawn of the age of electricity (leyden jars -- with tesla coils in "Palm Anthology"), having "shock parties" (my friends the Elizabeths are performing with a 20 ft tesla coil and ossous labyrint (sp?) this weekend) -- I've got a hysteria one

and I've got a patent medicine / elixir one (snake oil! should have used that in the poem w/ snake eyes 1 1 )
o o

and I've got a "feminine hygiene products" one -- because it is always so mysterious the way female stuff was mentioned at least to me growing up -- al sorts of "you will just know" answers to perfectly logical questions instead of real answers, just like -- feminine hygiene product WHAT IS IT? WHY? to the uninitiated

BELIEF -- can't call them that but --


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