As a kid, back in the seventies, I'd mourned several bars: The Marathon, a simple rope of caramel covered in chocolate, which came in a bright red wrapper that included a ruler on the back, a ruler that was commonly used by those of us with male self-esteem issues.

actually, not so -- one of my favorite chocolate bars; one of my husband's -- like snicker's, espcially good frozen because then the caramel can actually be eaten -- at first it is crunchy, and during the course of eating it is gets gooey

am exploring the Tamafyhr Mountain links because I am trying to think of when to send them as an eChapbook -- I am leaning toward sending them a "selected online shorter poems" to be entitled Up To the Aether; this would have a strange relation to the poem I'm writing from the same poems called Flori-something

these are mostly small presses -- many small colletives, or starting as one -- of the types that I think might be more usefully established and supported by authors and hobbyists who would be tempted to vanity publish, because they build communities this way, instead of building isolated authors marketing their product i.e. forcing their friends and family to buy it.

partly the reason I buy so many copies of my book -- so that if a non-literary friend wants to support my efforts and see what I'm up to, cool, but I am not asking them constantly for money / favors, etc.


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