The Boston Brick & Stone chimney guy mentioned LA City Detail as the fp code. I am looking up furnace venting just for laughs.
Talked to Ron; we would settle for as little as $14,200. on the chimney, as the seller is picking up the sump pump and well.
There is no such thing as a "zero tolerance method" for chimney repair as per Seller letter.
There is a "zero clearance" method for fireplace installation which does not apply: it involves installing a new firebox and chimney inside the house (for adding fireplaces where there's no chimney). It is rather important that the "zero clearance" not apply in this case, as we have no intention of ripping out the Batchelder tile fireplace and replacing it with a Home depot firebox 36" into the living room or of building a new metal chimney inside the house a la the Centre Georges Pompidou. However, as this method would not involve new brick veneer, it is unclear what the seller means since they mention brick veneer.
The Seller makes no mention of the code-specified new concrete bond beam anchored to the building. The Seller calls the metal transitional adapter cone and kit a "metal transitional piece." Buyer specifies that new brick and clicker brick veneer to cover entire chimney from the ground up, including existing firebox, so that there is no exterior line, break, or other sign of repair. Chimney to have setbacks on south side as per original measurements. Chimney to be capped with spark arrestor and -- there should be some verbiage on the bid -- there is a damper-and-spark arrestor combined doohickey which is cheaper and meets all codes.
As for mutual agreement for a credit, I suppose it would involve receiving a mutually-agreed upon bid from a mutually-agreed upon vendor, no?
"Buyer will be satisfied with a bid which includes:" and a list?
Ron is out of time for this; I will meet the electrician and chimney guy.
All best,


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