Marie Lecrivain at poeticdiversity (online) -- that's her real name. I think wrote a 42 word review of her eBook at Tamafhyr (or however it is spelled -- celtic mountain) at horselesspress. Very nice -- though LONG -- reading at Unurban. Steve Abee, now with MFA (studied with Dodie Bellamy), has cut his hair! Scary. He still reads so well.

Joseph Lease sent me an advnce copy of his book forthcoming? out? on Coffee House. BROKEN WORLD. I want to mention that from a cursory reading, love the way he's got these short lines which work rhetorically more than lyrically coming in and out of prose. This is mostly outside the free again sequence.

The dashes in the prose make the prose read like prose Dickinson -- not the master letters but if you're Dickinson and you've removed all the line breaks / pilcros from your file to spell check and grammar check -- "prose Dickinson". So the prose is poetry and the poetry is prose -- in a way -- the prose is fragmentary, and the poetry is easy to read, sensible, logical. What fun!

I think this is a bad day but you never say the worst day. I think I’ve fallen out of my chair. I think I was never fooling anyone—

A slow

mud-slick, salty—

thick ropes

of light,
a painting forgetting

but your mouth—

The short lines make a lot of use of italic to give them -- er -- an italic feeling. Not "torque." Heavens, no. Just italic.

So broken world -- world of the novel, world of the "I", world of the "planet of the table poem"? Broken how? Into lines, for example? Page breaks?

what happened here—


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