Interview at Ready Steady Book

Got my Gargoyles too! They are be-yoooo-ti-ful. You should order one from Geraldine Monk and Alan Halsey. Or me.

Our DSL line was out all yesterday and this morning -- it RAINED in LA, which is always treated like a disaster -- but maybe it is, when it just rains and your DSL line goes out.

We went on a progressive dinner / tour of homes Saturday night in the USC area, which has some of the nicest oldest homes in LA [more houses are as nice or nicer than those on Carroll Ave. in Angelino Heights and in Highland Park (LA's first suburb)] -- it was really wonderful, like stuff we did growing up.

We feel quite guilty that two of the houses we ended up passing on -- the neighborhood itself is pretty dire in places, and we are determined not to live next to an apartment building -- are now rooming houses. One was an Eastlake Victorian near a free food drop off point and one was a Queen Anne needing a replacement Queen Anne roof (200K right there) literally several inches deep in cat poo and next to Section 8 housing. My husband grew up living in Section 8 housing and is determined to do better for himself.

But he finally realized that the house we will hear about today -- will we get 25K for repairs that need to be done before humans can live there? -- is really a "cheaper than rent" starter home for we "old house people" because it is devoid of original features, and wasn't a "top notch" house back in the day. We'll add back as much as we can, install some upgrades, buff it up and then get something we can really sink our teeth into. Something without melamine cabinets combined with tacky green marble kitchen counters, for all that pastry-rolling out I do.

My Dad is an old house person and my Mom is not.

We are luckily both architecture people -- doesn't have to be old.


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