Have I mentioned how beautiful the Gargoyles are?

The title uses the sort of evolved technique-device that is throughout OOD, but at its height in the last section.

The "o"s and "x" from words lift up and descend, as do 1s and 0s.

The series is a three-poem series about testimony. The idea here is that testiomony -- especially about hygeine (sp?), now-debunked-as-medical instruments used as beauty / aesthetic devices, and snake oils of various types -- is women's speech. This is the Lydia Pinkham poem (tastes like a nice low-proof clove/herbal liqueur, used to be 40 proof before prohibition, now only 20 proof), the tampon poem, and a hysteria poem (bringing out that aspect a bit more than "Palm Anthology" or "Surplice" -- which is in OOD and is a Belladonna chapbook).

Here's a draft of the house letter -- they ignored it. We are giving them 48 more hours with a CAR form re-iterating our request and establishing we get our money back (except for getting the chimney inspected). I think we're still 50-50 to get the house.

Ron Burch and Catherine Daly are excited and anxious to proceed with the purchase of the house at 1626 Virginia Road. When they entered this transaction, they were aware of some minor plumbing and electrical wiring issues at the property. Based upon those minor issues, they agreed to the “as is” purchase. They have now discovered, through additional inspections, that there are some significant problems at the house:

1) The chimney is deemed fatally flawed by our chimney inspector. It is unusable. The inspector estimates the repair to be $16,296.00 to remove the upper 2/3 of the chimney and replace it, having it appropriately attached to the house structure.

2) The furnace is wired to a light switch.

3) The following are a material fire hazard to the electrical system:
a) The current 20 AMP circuits are being over taxed by too many new electrical fixture and too many outlets on the same circuit.
b) Fuses in excess of the rated circuit are installed in the fuse box.

These are areas of material concern to the Buyers. Therefore, the Buyers hereby request the Sellers to credit the Buyers, at closing, the sum of $25,000.00.

We would like the Sellers to understand that there are additional items that the Buyers will be repairing/replacing on their own:

1) There is no sump pump in the basement (where the water heater is installed). This is a code violation.

2) The downstairs bathtub faucet is against code, and the shower area is not tiled and protected from the shower’s water spray.

3) The faucet on the upstairs shower just spins (north bathroom).

4) The upstairs north bathroom is not to code. There is neither a vent nor are there any electrical outlets.

5) The threshold on rear kitchen door needs to be replaced.

6) The cabinet drawer next to rear kitchen door hits the door handle.

7) Water heater pressure relief valve should be 210 watts.

8) Furnace needs to be moved so that there is 30” of clearance to meet current code.

9) Water supply line from street to house must be replaced with correctly sized (larger) line.

This is considered official notification that we are not accepting the physical inspection of the property due to the material nature of these items. We would appreciate the Seller’s immediate response so that the Buyers know whether they need to pursue other properties.


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