Borgias notes

Catarina Sforza, Rocca di Ravaldino, Imola (da vinci drew a map...)
"beautiful virago" wrote EXPERIMENTS including recipes for poisons,velano ettermine "perfect sleep"

Joanna II of Naples, "slothful woman of outrageous morals and a capacity for double dealing"

"you do not preserve ... dignity ... You do not abstain from hunting or games, or from intercourse with women; you give dinners of unseeemly magnificence; you wear costly clothes; you have an abudance of gold and silver plate, and you kee more horses and servants than any man can need."

Marchesa Barbara

the courtesan Nanchine

Lucrezia & Ercole Strozzi
Pietro Bembo (monotype Bembo)
hexameters on her bracelet


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