Apropos of the Heaney discussion:

It occurs to me that there are are a few problems here.

One is that being a Harvard Poet, a poet in Cambridge, Mass. -- and further, by being a Harvard poet by virtue of being a faculty member versus by virtue of being a student -- is far different than being a Boston Poet. There are also, within Boston, two Bostons: Catholic Boston and the other one

Another is that while there are two Irelands, on a part of the UK and one a Republic, in the US, if you are a poet from either, you are an Irish Poet. If you are from Belfast and in the US, you are not a poet from the UK. You are not competing with anyone from England or Scotland for attention, even if you're edit alongside Ted Hughes. Especially after you've won a Nobel.

A list of poets from Harvard (faculty): Heaney, Graham, Bishop, Berryman, some Eliot lectures.
A list of poets from Harvard (students): Eliot, O'Hara, Ashbery, Rich.
A list of Boston poets: Lowell, Plath, Sexton.
A list of poets from Columbia, students and faculty: Auden, Ashbery, Ginsberg.
A list of American poets: Ginsberg, Rich, Ashbery, Bishop, Lowell, Plath, Eliot.
A list of Irish poets: Heaney, Boland, Grennan, Yeats.
A list of British poets: Hughes.


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