An Unscientific Account of a Scientific Expedition
Last night, reading WAYWARD WOMEN: A GUIDE TO WOMEN TRAVELLERS, which is the type of book I refer to as one of my “junk books” (no offense to Jane Robinson intended –her effort, published by Oxford, is the sort which will likely never reach paper in future) grabbed at the branch library – not any research library – I found more than I needed (a list of female authors of poetry, novels, and a particularly female “travel writing” or “writing about place”): I found the title for this article, which, as Robinson noted, is a really frequent subtitle for women’s travel-related publication.

To continue my National Poetry Month project in a similar vein as last year, I will be using the public domain women’s travel texts I can find as sources. This relates to the general Delirious Hem CFW in that a search for identifying what makes poetry writing, or language use, gendered, or identifiably gendered, or gendered in a critically appraised way, is my chosen territory.

I will work on this blog post throughout April, that is, slowly. I will be able to link to many online texts and images, eventually.


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